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NEW: 4KM SUP at sunrise

We start on SUP from the XMasters Village, round the port and return to the XMasters Village to have breakfast all together.
It is not a competition but an amateur activity where, however, a basic practice of SUP is required. The course will be followed by the XMasters Staff.
It is possible for children aged 14 to 18 accompanied by their parents to participate.
Registration also at Sport Bay.

Equipment to bring: SUP and paddle.

The pleasure of a morning run with friends and discovering the city under new perspectives.

AlbaRun was born as a collective race, we all depart and arrive together.

When all the shops are closed during the early light of dawn, you can find true calm and tranquility.

The AlbaRun race is not a challenging race. Our goal is to have you see the city when it’s still waking up while people are at home eating breakfast. See the empty streets as night leaves room for the warm sunrise.

It is not a competition, but a start of the day between friends.

The start in Albarun postponed to 5:40 on Sunday 18 July 2021.
The distribution of race packages and the registration point remains for today (Friday 16) from 10 to 20 in Piazza Saffi in Senigallia.



ALBARUN is not just a race, it is also
an exciting walk open to all.
There is a 10km run and for those who want to enjoy
more the landscape
there is a 6km walk.